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5 Things Our Hearing Clinic Can Do for You | inTouch Hearing & Audiology

Your hearing is an important part of your overall health, but many people leave it out when scheduling their regular medical appointments for the year. So, what can an audiologist do for you? At any of the inTouch Hearing & Audiology hearing clinics in Barrie, Newmarket or Tottenham, we take care of all your needs when it comes to your hearing. These are some of the things we provide.

1.  Excellent advice
If you have questions regarding your auditory health, a visit to our audiology and hearing clinic could provide the answers you need. If you have issues with your hearing that you don’t quite understand, our audiologists can provide the right insight and steer you toward a solution to your problems.

2.  Treatment for tinnitus
A constant ringing in your ears is what you’ll experience if you suffer from tinnitus. This condition can be caused by excessive noise exposure, ear infections and even injuries to your neck and head. Our hearing clinic servicing Barrie, Newmarket, Tottenham and surrounding areas, specializes in treating tinnitus. We can help you reduce its effects and get you back to living a happy and normal life.

3.  Hearing protection
Whether you’re a musician, a construction worker or anyone else that works in excessively loud environments, our audiologists can help you find the right hearing protection to suit your needs. Earplugs can significantly reduce the effect excessive noise can have on your eardrums. Remember, prevention is always better than correction. Come by the clinic to get a pair of noise reducing earplugs or headphones today.

4.  Hearing tests
Our audiologists perform hearing tests that can determine whether or not you’ve lost some of your capacity to hear. We can also measure the extent of an individual’s hearing loss. Hearing tests are important because they gauge your hearing level. Knowing this enables us to decide the best course of action to correct the problem and what measures should be taken to prevent it from getting worse.

5.  Hearing aid fittings
If your hearing test determines that you can benefit from a hearing aid, inTouch Hearing & Audiology can help. We specialize in finding the right hearing aid for your situation.

If you’re looking for a hearing clinic in Tottenham, Barrie or Newmarket, make an appointment with us soon. We specialize in treating tinnitus and auditory processing disorders. Visit us here for more information regarding our products and services.

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