Affordable Hearing Care and Financing Options That Fit Your Budget

Your investment in better hearing is a time-intensive process that, when all is said and done, benefits your quality of life in ways that you may not have experienced in years. You may not hear better overnight, but by retraining your ears and brain to process sounds that it hasn’t heard in years — a process we can help you with at InTouch Hearing — your satisfaction with your devices will continue to increase.

Once you’ve acquired your hearing aids, you’ll have access to unlimited follow-up care, batteries for your devices when you need them, and a three-year warranty that protects your hearing system from the wear and tear that heat, humidity, moisture, and oils can cause. And while there’s no getting around the fact that healthcare is a high-ranking expense for many Canadians, we do our best at InTouch Hearing to help you get the treatment you need with financing options and payments to help fit your budget.

Ask our audiologists for more information about these options. InTouch Hearing also accepts cash, check, and Visa or MasterCard. InTouch Hearing can assist with in house financing for a small fee.

Are Hearing Aids Affordable?

The Ontario provincial government provides a $500 grant for each ear every 5 years towards a hearing aid and almost everyone is eligible for this grant. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Veterans Affairs Canada, and ODSP can also be very helpful and may pay full cost. If you have personal insurance, check and see what coverage you may have for hearing aids before your appointment. Some service clubs are willing to help people in financial distress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does OHIP cover hearing tests and services?
Hearing aid evaluations, hearing tests, and tinnitus masker evaluation tests are no longer OHIP insured services since July 2001. This is because the services do not require the expertise of a physician and can be addressed by an audiologist instead. (OHIP Bulletin #436) OHIP only covers diagnostic hearing tests if ordered and performed by qualified ear, nose, and throat surgeons, but there can be a long waiting period to get in for an appointment. Diagnostic hearing tests requested or arranged by third parties, (e.g. school boards, employers, Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) etc.) are also not insured OHIP services.

The good news is that at inTouch Hearing we provide a complimentary hearing screening test to determine if you have a hearing loss. If there is a medical requirement for more information or a hearing aid fit is being considered, then a full audiological test will need to be done and there is a small charge for this service.