How Do Hearing Aids Help Our Barrie, Newmarket & Central Ontario Clients?

If you have trouble hearing, you are not alone. Many people who have hearing loss find that hearing aids are comfortable, convenient and most importantly, effective.

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have a small microphone that enhances and changes sound as it enters your ear canal. You can program digital hearing aids to react to different surroundings. For example, you can change your hearing aid programming to accommodate group settings, one-on-one conversations or the hustle and bustle of a shopping centre. With this modern technology, you'll find that you're able to hear and communicate better in all the situations you encounter each day.

Maintaining healthy hearing with a hearing aid improves your health in other ways as well. Hearing loss has been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by several key studies. The risk for both diseases increases with age as well as with hearing loss, but the latter effect can be counteracted by using a hearing aid. 

With advances made in hearing aid technology, many people are surprised at just how effective hearing aids are at capturing sound. The audiologist will discuss whether hearing aids will help and he or she will recommend the best hearing aid style for your particular situation.

Hearing Aid Features

Modern hearing aids incorporate a range of high-tech features. Common options include the following:

Remote Control
  • Telecoil - The telecoil helps people who have hearing loss use the telephone by picking up the magnetic field around the phone's receiver. This allows the user to communicate via phone without whistling or feedback from the aid. The telecoil can also reduce feedback from FM systems and other group listening devices.
  • Remote Control - Many new hearing aids come with a remote control, allowing the user to control volume and switch between settings or programs easily.
  • Directionality - This allows the hearing aid to focus on sounds coming from the front. It is a useful feature for conversation because it reduces background noise coming from the sides and back. To change the sound you're focusing on, simply turn your head. Some aids with remote control allow the user to control the amount of sound coming from the right or left side.
  • Noise Reduction - Some hearing aids can reduce low-frequency background noise. They assess environmental sounds and reduce amplification in the same frequency area as the noise when it reaches a preset level. This makes conversation and speech easier for the user in noisy environments.
  • Anti-Feedback - This popular feature reduces feedback-related squealing or screeching from your hearing aids.
  • Bluetooth® Technology - Some newer hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth® capability, allowing them to communicate via a remote control (or FM receiver) to a device such as a cell phone or television.

Hearing Aid Accessories

FM Systems

Hearing aid users can further enhance the device's capabilities by adding optional accessories. Choose from a variety of additions that will make your hearing aid even more dynamic.

FM Systems

An FM system permits users to hear clearly when the source of the sound is far away while substantially reducing the negative effects of background noise. For example, it can raise the volume level of the television for one person while remaining at a lower volume for others in the room.

The system consists of a remote microphone that is placed near the source of the sound you wish to hear. A receiver worn by the user picks up the signal from the remote microphone. The receiver can either be a neck loop or a specially-fitted boot that attaches directly to a behind-ear hearing aid.

Assistive Listening Devices

We offer a range of assistive listening devices that can help solve specific hearing problems, such as amplified telephone handsets and special headsets. Our friendly staff can help find the ideal device for you. 

When you can't hear as well as you used to, help is available. At Intouch Hearing, we can perform a hearing test to diagnose your level of hearing loss. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at any of our five locations throughout Central Ontario.

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